Allama Iqbal’s Concept of “Khudi”

Who are you?

Here is a simplification of this question. Get ready for a whole bunch of pronouns:

Whenever you refer to your body parts, you use the possessive pronoun “My”. You will say, “My hand”. “My foot”. “My eyes.” “My face”. You get it.

You keep referring to these thing as “My/Mine”. So then, Who are “you”? Who is this “my”? Who is this “me”?

Now, let’s take this further. If you were to, God-forbid, have your arms cut off. Does this affect your “self”? Because when you say “my arms”, we are only removing your arms. So what remains? Here is what it will look like arithmetically: My Arms – Arms = My. So who is this “my”?

Here is what Allama Iqbal is trying to tell you. You are not your body. You are not the physical matters you are wrapped in. The real you is the spiritual being, or “Ruh”, that is inside of your physical body. You can have whatever theory you want regarding that physical body of yours. Whether you call it evolution or a form of higher species, the fact of the matter stays: you are not your physical body. You are the inner-self or Ruh. This is the definition of Khudi: The Self.

This “Self” or “Khudi” is the definition of your humanity. Start focuing on this “khudi” and you will grow.

For those who can understand urdu, Dr. Israr Ahmad has a beautifully simple explanation, that I have tried to recapture above. I have not yet found a good English explanation video. Who knows… Maybe I will just have to make one, iA.

He starts talking about the actual concept at 30:18.

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