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يهدي من يشاء الى صراط مستقيم 10:25

…يهدي من يشاء الى صراط مستقيم The word “مَن” in Arabic means “the one/Whomsoever/Who”. This word could either be A.) The Doer. For example: “Whomsoever wants.” & B.) The Object. For example: “I want Whomsoever.” And يشأ is a verb that loosely means, “To Want”. Let’s read this ayah closely. Notice how radically the ayah’s meaning is changed just by …

rockystorm@gmail.comيهدي من يشاء الى صراط مستقيم 10:25

كونوا قوامين بالقسط 4:135

…كونوا قوامين بالقسط… G. Willow Wilson in her new Ms. Marvel refers to this.

rockystorm@gmail.comكونوا قوامين بالقسط 4:135

احسن القصص 12

Surah Yusuf: -AMAZING CINEMATOGRAPHY. -Perfect Transitions. -Only information that matters. No time wasted. -Archtypes -Scumbag people. -DIVERSE CHARACTERS. -How to sell yourself or make a resume. Having confidence. -Character development of Yusuf. -Balance between confidence and humility. -His taqwa made him confident not arrogant. -Conflicts -How to deal with your kids who are very chalaak kids. -Stories give analogy to …

rockystorm@gmail.comاحسن القصص 12

قال فعلتها اذا 26:20

Accept what happened to you. Don’t fear what might have been. Your past does not define you. Your future does. We need to learn to forgive ourselves before we do anything else. This is why we say AstagfirUllah multiple times after prayer, even though only one sincere “I’m sorry” is enough for Allah to forgive everything. We do it so …

rockystorm@gmail.comقال فعلتها اذا 26:20

المجادلة 58

Here is a special heart for the entire surah. Why? Because a woman spoke up for her rights in a society were women’s right were not taken seriously. Allah showed the seriousness by: A.) Referring to her directly in the first verse. B.) Making it the only surah in the Qur’an that has the name “Allah” in every single one …

rockystorm@gmail.comالمجادلة 58

ولكنكم فتنتم أنفسكم 57:14

-You tested your own selves. You knew somethings were not good for you, but you kept insisting that nothing would happen. You kept testing yourself. You made it hard upon yourself. -You then kept procrastinating. You kept thinking that you will fix yourself later. And then when later, you said later. And you kept procrastinating. -Then your procrastination led you …

rockystorm@gmail.comولكنكم فتنتم أنفسكم 57:14

الم يأن للذين آمنوا ان تخشع قلوبهم 17-57:16

“Isn’t it time for the hearts of the believers to humble themselves to the remember since of God? Shouldn’t they recognize the truth bestowed upon upon then, so they won’t become like those who received revelations in the past, but whose hearts have hardened over time, so much so that many of them are now hopelessly rebellious?” 16 HOPE: “Know …

rockystorm@gmail.comالم يأن للذين آمنوا ان تخشع قلوبهم 17-57:16

قل لا أسألكم عليه أجراً 42:23

…الا المودة في القربى! Say: I don’t want anything from you. But atleast respect the family bond.

rockystorm@gmail.comقل لا أسألكم عليه أجراً 42:23

و ما عند الله خير و أبقى 42:36

Easy ayah to read and listen, but very hard to live by. Can you look at everything and say, a.) this is not the best thing out there b.) this is temporary Yeah this car might be good, but Allah has a better car waiting for me in Jannah! #ChangedPerspective

rockystorm@gmail.comو ما عند الله خير و أبقى 42:36

من أشد منا قوة؟ 41:15

أولم يروا ان الله الذي خلقهم هو أشد منهم قوة Search Up: 1.) “Ethnocentrism” = evaluating other peoples and cultures according to the standards of one’s own culture. 2.) “Temporal Chauvinism” or as C.S. Lewis and others have called it: “Chronological snobbery”. “Which is the “the erroneous argument (usually considered an outright fallacy) that the thinking, art, or science of …

rockystorm@gmail.comمن أشد منا قوة؟ 41:15