Arabic Typing Practice

I practice typing Arabic by using the Arabic Keyboard and writing down “Alice In Wonderland” 😛

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“Verbal Idioms of the Qur’an” by Mustansir Mir IS BY FAR ONE OF THE MOST USEFUL BOOKS IN MY JOURNEY! Basically, in any language idioms and phrases play a bigger role than individual words. And so it is safe to assume that some one who has mastered every single word of the Arabic, but has not studied how the idioms …

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Mutaraadifaatul Quran PRACTICE

So the way I practiced from the Mutaraadafaatul Qur’an was that I would A.) literally flip through the book and whatever section I would find interesting I would write them down with their respective ayah examples. And B.) If a word in my Qur’an study would come up that had a similar meaning another word, I would then swan dive …

rockystorm@gmail.comMutaraadifaatul Quran PRACTICE

Mutaraadifaadatul Quran or A beauty of the Qur’an

This book is so awesome that I went ahead and learned how to read Urdu just so I could have independent access to this! And boy, was it worth it, aH! The Qur’an often uses multiple words that have almost similar meanings. Notice I said “almost similar”. As you can see, this is where Qur’an translation attempts fall short. And …

rockystorm@gmail.comMutaraadifaadatul Quran or A beauty of the Qur’an

Quotes I love

I’ll translate one of them though: العلم ما نفع و ليس العلم ما حفظ Knowledge is that which benefits, Knowledge is not that which is memorized.

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Surah Yusuf

Taking a day off just to explore Surah Yusuf.

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سهلويه : الكتاب ١

Finished the first book of Sahlawihy. Honestly some of the weirdest tales I have ever read. But I am an overall weird person. So we got along real well. 😛

rockystorm@gmail.comسهلويه : الكتاب ١