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Allama Iqbal’s Concept of “Khudi”

Who are you? Here is a simplification of this question. Get ready for a whole bunch of pronouns: Whenever you refer to your body parts, you use the possessive pronoun “My”. You will say, “My hand”. “My foot”. “My eyes.” “My face”. You get it. You keep referring to these thing as “My/Mine”. So then, Who are “you”? Who is …

rockystorm@gmail.comAllama Iqbal’s Concept of “Khudi”

Ujjayi Breathing + Prayer

Standing up for prayer, it’s very hard to control our loud and raging thoughts. Our brain during prayer time behaves like a soccer mom’s van filled with six nine-year olds who just had way too much Gatorade. (yes, I am very proud of that analogy) So how do we calm our wild thoughts? Here is a technique I highly recommend. …

rockystorm@gmail.comUjjayi Breathing + Prayer

A simple question

Let me ask you a simple question: Can you sit alone with yourself for two hours? No cellphone, no laptop, no book, no anything. Just you. Sitting alone. Can you handle it? ———- If this question made you hesitate then there is a problem. You see, for the longest time we have been running away from ourselves. But no matter …

rockystorm@gmail.comA simple question