Welcome to the Andalusian Courtyard.
Here is where we establish personal 1-on-1 dialogic classes. Along with possibly being the most natural form of education, dialogic courses catalyze the transfer and retention of ideas and concepts. Just like the true Andalusian Courtyards of old, each precisely calculated and orchestrated class below is meant for a safe and goal-driven 1-on-1 discussion.

The Human Ingredient

Summary: Learn the definition of Humanity. Intensive walkthrough of ayah 49:13.

≈ 13 hours

Community Plateau

Summary: Explore why some muslim communities, be it families, mosques, or nations, seem to be stuck in their state.

≈ 85 minutes


Summary: Identify the purpose of human existence. Walkthrough various Qur’anic ayahs and Allama Iqbal’s work.

≈ 4 hours

The Divine Chalkboard

Summary: Understand pain and the signs of life. Intensive walkthrough of the Qur’an’s 38th Chapter: Surah Sad.

≈ 90 minutes

The Happiness Of Pursuit

Summary: How to pursue a purposeful passion.

≈ 10 hours

Continous Prayer Refresh

Summary: Harvest the Daily Islamic Prayer’s hidden time and energy management tools.

≈ 4 weeks

How to read a Book

Summary: Most people learned to read without being how to properly read books. A guided walkthrough through Mortimer J. Adler’s “How to read a book”

≈ 2-3 months

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