A simple question

Let me ask you a simple question:

Can you sit alone with yourself for two hours?

No cellphone, no laptop, no book, no anything. Just you. Sitting alone. Can you handle it?


If this question made you hesitate then there is a problem.

You see, for the longest time we have been running away from ourselves. But no matter how far or fast we run from ourselves, we cannot win the race. For this reason we set up barriers. We like to think that these temporary barriers will actually hold. We like to think that we have escaped.

But these escapes don’t last for long, and sooner or later we are back in the same room with ourselves. “I’m so bored”, we tell ourselves immediately after watching a two hour film.


Because right when the experience of the escape ends, the barrier vanishes. And we have to immediately start looking for a replacement barrier.

This endless cycle thrives mostly because we have never learned how to be trulycomfortable with our individual selves.

This internal relationship works like any other relationship. We have to spend quality time with the other party, which in this case is the Self. Start from scratch. Follow the same steps you would take in any other relationship to get to know the other person.

Figure out what “they” love and hate. Figure out why “they” love what they love and why they hate what they hate. Figure out what turns them on. Figure out what triggers their different emotions. Figure out why their emotions get triggered by various things. Figure out as much as you can.

Allah helps those who help themselves.

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