Lessons learned in Hajj 2014

Just some of the few things out of the many that Allah taught me during the journey. A lot of these were from sitting in the company of a person whom Allah (saw) has truly blessed. I don’t know if he wants me to mention him, so please make dua for this individual :

-Remember Allah before and after each bite or sip you take. Remember Allah between your breaths, between the inhalings and the exhalings. Remember Allah between your steps; that short period where you are balancing on one leg.

-Whenever someone or something disappoints you, KNOW that there is a name of Allah that promises to fill that exact void.

-How can you know Allah if you don’t know his names?

-Seriously, read more Qur’an. What the heck Nabeel!

-Don’t just Pray. Instead, PERFORM! Learn the difference of “doing” vs. “performing”. Go watch a circus or something to understand what “performance” means.

-Stop treating the Prophet (saw) as a delivery man of Islam. Learn to love him, because he loved you more than you love yourself. The Christians say that Jesus died for their forgiveness of their sins. But, my Prophet LIVED for our forgiveness.

-The Prophet (saw) told us that he asked for forgiveness a hundred times a day. Let’s say you do this? How many times do you really need to ask forgiveness for Allah to forgive you? Only one. Then what about all the other ones? They are for YOU. So you can forgive yourself. We need to forgive ourselves and move on.

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