Mutaraadifaadatul Quran or A beauty of the Qur’an

This book is so awesome that I went ahead and learned how to read Urdu just so I could have independent access to this! And boy, was it worth it, aH!

The Qur’an often uses multiple words that have almost similar meanings. Notice I said “almost similar”. As you can see, this is where Qur’an translation attempts fall short. And it’s not entirely their fault, you can only really translate so much.

For example:

There are 5 different words in the Qur’an used to convey meaning of “To Choose”. But they each have their on specific characteristics and purpose.

1. اختار = To choose the best option out of many other other options.

2. اصطفى = To choose something due to its purity. Because of a specific quality. So a reason behind the choosing exists.

3. اجتبى = To choose someone and make them close to you.

4. استخلص = To choose someone for a specific purpose. So while اصطفى is choosing based on some existing quality, استخلص would be used for a specific purpose.

5. اصطنع = To choose some one for a specific person AND then proceed to train them for that purpose. Like an internship.

This was just one example! One of the many beauties of the Qur’an is that it uses the perfect word at the perfect place to convey the perfect meaning.

I hope this clarifies why the Qur’an cannot be translated.








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